Knowing Your Life’s Purpose

Knowing your mission in life – your purpose, your goals, how you will achieve them – can help you greatly if you are trying to stop or heal emotional abuse.

The reasons for this are simple. When you know who you are and what you want, no one else has the power to knock you off your horse. You are firm in your beliefs and cannot be swayed by an abuser’s tactics and attempts to demean you.

However, if you don’t think beyond “my mission is to be with this man,” your emotional state will be forever linked with that of his, and healing emotional abuse will be next to impossible. Loving another person is important, perhaps the most important thing a human can do for themselves. But there must be something more than that; otherwise it is an obsession, a slave driver.

Many people think that when we say “life purpose,” we refer to a pre-destined plan that is out there waiting for us. That is not true – your life is what you make of it, every second of every day. Some people clearly know what their skills and joys are – they choose to devote themselves to those skills, and that it their life purpose.

Don’t think you have any skills worth devoting yourself to? Then don’t look for one. Simply think of what makes you really and truly happy, every time you do it. Whether it is community service, baking, rock climbing… the possibilities are endless. The point, however, is that it is something that it done; an action that moves you beyond yourself to give you sense of fulfillment.

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