Is Emotional Abuse Wrecking You?

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From a forum about emotional abuse and domestic violence, a posting by Ann called my attention:

“First, I have not answered sooner, because my emotional and physical state have me in a daze. I’m terrified I am having a complete physical and mental collapse. I’m very shaky right now .. I’m scared not of him at this second … but that I I’m losing it altogether right now.

I have symptoms like: anger, rage, depression, shock, crying, depression/wish & wanting out … and then physically: sick to stomach, back aching, wish I could vomit, achy all over, shaky, unable to function … what is happening to me???? I need to STOP this now. I have to feel better. My mind is going in circles about what can I do.

My docs feel all my emotional problems (depression, anxiety, agoraphobia and physical ailments (the list is too long) are due to extreme stress. They say yes, you really suffer from major depression, but he made it much, much worse.

Maybe that is why no medication, of the hundreds I tried works. My stress and depression level can’t even be reached…”

And on and on Ann goes, describing the trap she is in: too sick to leave, no family support, isolated and unable to manage her own life. Have you ever been near this situation?

Living with an emotionally abusive person can make you doubt your own survival skills. Step by step, you begin denying and forgetting your own capacity to make yourself happy and healthy. Giving in to his pressure and negative images about you shapes your mindset, and changes your perspective about who you are, your worth as a person and of course, your life purpose.

Having to choose from being emotionally diminished by him and survival is tough: you feel like you have no options, and at the same time, you can’t leave!

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is left that I can do for myself?” If it becomes difficult to come up with an answer, you need help.

Exactly at this moment, you need a support system that can provide you with a vision of what is possible for you in order to survive.

Who is going to give you a strong inspiration to develop your own self-esteem? Who will help you recover a sense of “self-control” to manage your life? Let me help you start. Let’s have a free 30 minute chat. I want to help you get your life back!

You don’t have to stay in an unhealthy relationship one more minute. Please, visit this page to ask for your coaching session.

  1. Eve, 17 November, 2010

    I just feel like i have to express my opinion on taht topic.Yesterday i finally somehow found out why i felt the way i felt for most than 3 years .I am now just 16 years old but I have survived really a lot.I am very grateful for the fact that I at least now what my problem is. The thing about those people who have been emotionally abused is that they have extremely low self esteem and cannot confess themselves the real truth even though they unconsciously know the answer. That was also my problem .I totally forget about my past life I feel like I had a huge block or something.I did not want to confess to myself that i really have been emotionally abused by my sister,brother and father. I do not know what to do yet but I am so happy that I know the answer i have been praying for so long.It is like a mind control I just do not have thoughts that are mine. I feel like I have Social anxiety disorder. I go to school and it is for me a real hell. If anyone feels the same was as I do please write me back and we can talk together:D

    Sorry for my english I am a foreigner

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