Am I abusive?


Need to know if this is true: am I emotionally abusive? I’m in a terrible situation, being accused of being a female abuser!

I have had trouble with my 2 year relationship and have recently discovered I am an emotional abuser. They said to me that I am emotionally abusive…. To my memory I have never been abused in any way. I recently broke up with my boyfriend because I thought I “didn’t feel the same” as I had. Is it possible that the recent diagnosis could be causing me to think this way? I am so confused. Am I emotionally abusive? And, besides is female abusedifferent?

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  • tammee

    Please don’t date anymore until you have this under control.
    All things change.
    Life is about change.
    If life isn’t changing then you’re not living.
    All love changes too.
    Nothing stays the same!!!!
    You’ll never stick to a relationship if you "don’t feel the same" because you never should feel the same.
    Everyday should be a new adventure. Grow together!!! Don’t insult or manipulate people….we are all here together!!! We’re all here for the experiencing. Allow it to happen. GROW!!!

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