Overcome Psychological Effects of Emotional Abuse and Heal


Probably the worst kind of abuse is emotional abuse. It is a form of relationship abuse that most of us do not have an idea that it existed.  Truthfully, even the victims of this psychological abuse do not realize that they are being abused.  Basically, emotional abuse comprises of swearing, using foul language, saying demeaning words, lying, accusing, criticizing and dominating.  It aims to wound you emotionally and not physically.  The effects of abuse on women is they tend to behave more and more aloof, experience low self-esteem, lose confidence in herself and become prone to depression and anxiety. In turn, most victims carry this burden throughout their life. Getting over and healing from abuse is possible.  You are the only one who has the power and total control on your body, mind and soul.


First and foremost, the healing from psychological abuse can only begin once you accept that you are already a victim in an abusive relationship. You cannot heal if you are at the state of denial.  Acceptance is the key to move on and start your life all over again.  If you see that your husband abusive behavior is acceptable, then you are not ready to let go and you cannot heal.  Once you accept that you are a victim, you can easily see his faults and eventually you can build up the courage to defend yourself, overcoming abuse in this way.


As a victim, you usually feel guilty.  Due to your husband manipulation, he convinced you that you are always at the wrong side of the fence though you are not.  As a result, you become too prone to stress, anxiety and depression. The worse thing could happen is you may develop panic attack.To add with this, your husband can manipulate you by constantly giving false hope that he will change. Learn to place a boundary and what is enough is enough.


Healing from the effects of emotional abuse means you need to build a new relationship again not with another person but with yourself.  Create harmony in you by loving and trusting yourself again.  Bear in mind that the last person you can count on when all things fail is yourself.  Be confident and realize your true worth.  You are a woman of substance and you are well loved. After all you have your friends and family that love you and support you.


You know that you are healed from emotional psychological abuse if you are able to forget about the past and it already has no control over your life.  The past cannot be changed so in order for you to cope up you need to accept that bad things happen in your life.  This might sound cruel but the effects of abuse were part of your reality… You are also healed if you know you are ready to meet and interact with new people again.  However sometimes, it will be difficult for you to trust another man.  This is relatively normal.  Use your instinct if the person is trustworthy or not.  The best advice is love yourself.  There is no man on this planet that is perfect.  So don’t be too hard on yourself and accept who you are.

Healing from abuse is an option we have. Overcoming emotional abuse is what make survivors.  I believe in the potential of survivors of abuse because our survival is an expression of limitless potential.

How to stand up to emotional abuse

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