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Dr. Nora Femenia

Answers to your questions are here!

1.Who is Dr. Nora?

Nora is a former family psychotherapist, now conflict expert, teaching academic graduate courses in Miami, and doing international trainings in Spanish-speaking countries.

2.Why is she helping women stop emotional abuse with Healing Emotional Abuse?

Because she is dedicated to sharing all that she knows about relationships, human conflicts and how to be happy in this life. She has a wealth of information, and both personal and professional experiences, to share with you so that you can have a better, more happy and productive life.

3.What is Dr. Nora's experience?

Dr. Nora was a clinical family psychologist for more than 20 years. After that, she went back to the field of academia to get her doctorate in Conflict Resolution. From that time, she has been researching, teaching, writing, and publishing her professional “conflict model” in several arenas. This book is one of the channels by which she wants to reach out and help someone who needs a hand in the process of achieving a happy, abuse-free life.

4.Why is Healing Emotional Abuse directed to women?

The damage done to women really hurts everybody. If a society allows domestic violence and emotional abuse of women to go on without a strong effort to stop and heal the victims, that society becomes more and more aggressive and ends up destroying its own people. It's scary but true that we still live in a society that often favors men, and often works in subtle ways to ignore the needs of women in pain. We need to stop our reckless pace and our "sweep it under the rug" mentality, and start transforming human relations into bonds that sustain life.

5.Why do she and Creative Conflict Resolutions care about me?

Here we care deeply about you and your personal pain. We want you to have all the help we can provide. We care about your calls, so we look forward to them. We care about your emails asking for answers, and your postings explaining your situation, so we answer them in depth. We will call back, write back and seek out possible solutions with empathy and understanding. With us on your side, you are not alone!

6.What else can Dr. Nora and Creative Conflict Resolutions help me with?

It depends on what you need, or ask for. The worst situation is when you keep your needs hidden; it is necessary for you to talk to us about what is hurting, so that someone can answer your needs. If you can say where it hurts, we can help you find a solution. For example, women seeking a more in depth and longer course for overcoming emotional abuse can use our course, called Overcoming Emotional Abuse. You can visit us at our main website, Creative Conflict Resolutions, to interact with us and seek out our other solutions. You can also visit our Contact Us page to seek us out directly.

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